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everyone's a critic

oh, christ. i don't need to go into this one, save for wanting to have some god-given right to pass my opinion off as the only one that's true, like a fucking oracle. like megan speaking for the whole of the staff on the quality of a piece. hubris. a priest i once met was a college freshman when i met him; his older sister had graduated before he even began, and he sat there and told her how everything was. nice kid, talked to cows, but arrogant as all get-out. she (his sister) made a good point- that you might have a grasp on the small, petty little bubble you go about in, but that bubble isn't the world. jebus christ, it may indeed have looked a little funny and i do think it did, but what's shit shit about one way being the absolute truth? that's a little narrow-minded and presumptuous. i for one have my own opinion and don't want another's and you'd be surprised at how difficult it is to shove it down my throat. okay, maybe not surprised, given events of the past, but...sic vita. still, the day i take cues from other people on what to think/do/be (and i am sounding like ralph ellison right now, just so eeeeveryone can know) is the day i a) die, or b) hide out in a basement wired with 1,361 lightbulbs and a record player due to terminal invisibility. damn you ellison! damn you! /end rant.
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