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why are you carly simon's evil twin?

bored for a few days, stranded at home, so what can i do but turn to the faithful internet to keep me from gnawing off my limbs in a doomed effort to escape? which brought me to deviantart. which in turn brought to you this rant.
the internet is not a "global village," it is not there to keep people connected, it does not exist to make business more efficient. no, kids, it is there so hundreds of self-absorbed teenagers can use it as a looking glass. and wow does that piss me off. i'm not talking about the people who go "look, here is a photo from my vacation with me in it, now will you please disregard me and go 'oooo' at the scenery behind me like i was doing at the time." or just "look, i was in a place other than home and here's the evidence, fooz." that's more show and tell than gratuitous vanity. or the people who have a picture on their id, since, you know, a lot of id's have pictures on them so it makes sense. it's the people who post pictures of themselves time and again, in every possible space, and give them irritating captions like "it's difficult being so cute," or "this guy on the football team said i was cute what do u think?" okay kids, come on, out with the truth- you want people to fall all over themselves saying how hot you are, blah, blah, blah. this goes for [half of frikkin' deviantart] the goths too..."i'm too sexy for the rain/the velvet/the fake blood capsule/the fishnet showing off as much skin as the preppy clothes i laugh at." come on, people, do you really need to be wasting bandwidth just to prove that you're a conceited jackass? for the love of god, go worship yourself somewhere else.
/end rant. brain-slurpee, signing off.
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