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bad times

well Monday seemed to take forever to get through the day bye the time i got out of school i was really tired and dead
Tuesday started off slow until lunch when my whole school went into complete uproar i was going to go out to lunch with a bunch of people at my school i decided that i wanted to stay and finch painting one of my pots we were going to take three cars but bye the time lunch came around they were down to two car i side good bye to them and told josh that i would go out to lunch with him next time so walked to buy something from 7-11 and went back to school i had not even gotten to my pot yet when the office got a call saying there has been a big car accident on 36 with a bunch of kids from the school the call came from kids who were in the car behind josh's car the car had been hit bye another car and flipped 4 times bye the time school was over four out of the five people were injured badly today all but two are home the tow left in the hospital are in the ICU hunter is touch and go and Marissa is supposed to go through the last of her surgeries tonight hunter still needs two more surgeries but they want him to be more stable before they take in for them the kids who went home one has major concussion and had her face split open from temple to temple another josh has a broken leg and several lager cuts and lots of broses and Hanna was basically unhurt just a couple small cuts i am worried about josh he went in to sock after it happened and they could not get him to stop convulsing till about three am last night and they let him go home but they have him sedated and he's not allowed to get out of bed for the next week or so i found my self wishing it was Monday and that none of this had happened even though Monday took forever or that we had told josh that we should just stay in boulder i have made cards for all the people in the cars that i am going to have the whole school sine which should not be to hard i made sure to leave room for everyone
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