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men who buy small dogs to pick up women should be mercilessly flogged with things. true, the dog's possession of more intelligence, attractiveness, and general felicity of being make possible a budding conversation that the poor schmuck couldn't get on his own, but on principle? animal abuse. most of these wanks don't even play with the dog unless it's in a public setting, so they go all neurotic. some overfeed the puppies to make them adorably plump and prone to heart problems. and they mess with the thing's head by training it to do things like jump on people, which are guaranteed negative reactions; they expect a reward and get scolded and all sorts of things short out. and they don't socialize the wee little dirt factories, which means they bite things (or people), chew madly (on themselves, sometimes), scratch fur out, or widdle everywhere because something's gone a bit wrong in their heads. and for what? a slim chance at actually speaking to a woman who, if blessed with good sense, wouldn't give them the time of day because they're the sort of creep who does this kind of thing? feh; spend that money and effort on acting like a human being instead of expecting a dog to do it for you.
yes, can you tell what i did today? i had puppy prints on my jeans and murder thoughts in my head. though i trained it not to jump and irritated the ape jogging in its wake. dog smarter than master, no contest. *spithiss*
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