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is it snake/mongoose or mongoose/snake?

it's been an austin powers sort of mood lately. don't ask, since i probably couldn't tell you....
after all the snow and more coming, i can only be assured that school will indeed go on as planned tomorrow. never mind that most of the roads are more or less ice. what kind of idiot chooses to keep school in session with 7-plus inches of snow on the ground and roads like skating rinks? part of my discontent here stems from the fact that my fellow soon-to-be-graduates can barely manage to stop their cars in a spot that's not too greatly inconvenient. i can't in good conscience call what they do "parking." that seems to imply a certain awareness of what they're doing, and a general procedure that is followed until satisfactory results are obtained. this morning, in fact, when the lines were more or less visible, there were more minor fender-benders than usual, and people sliding into their static state of automobile. so of course, we'll add snow and ice and nervous winter driving and the requisite "invincible" truck-driving lunatic to the equation and all will be well. *cough* or not. prepare for the sheet-metal iditarod and thus death. or several hundred dollars of insurance claims.
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