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"don't put me up on a pedestal, because it's too far from the ground and i'll probably use the height to throw nast things down at you." that would be me. and i'll say it again- a personality isn't like a pair of shoes, or shouldn't be. cultivate it for yourself, base it on your personal experiences, judge by your own actions, and for the love of toast do not lift it from someone else like a cheap piece of candy from the grocery store. one of each person is enough; why do you think there was only one to begin with? the word "unique" should have some meaning. do things as you would do them, not as michael jordan or lucy liu or the guy next door would do them. be your own person. or else (the violent side of me says). this has driven me to quote even the bible- thou shalt not worship false idols. not that it's worship (maybe i'm just hoping on that last one), but it's way too close for comfort and man am i getting freaked out! so people need role models, confidantes, guidance, a listener, i'll go with that. it's when it starts overstepping a healthy relationship and becoming parasitism that i want to bow out. basically, personal space is your friend. frieeeend. this is scattered as all hell, but it's really getting irritating and better here than physical removal from the room.
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