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tohellwithit's Journal

Die, Alright!
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Sworn Enemy of Those Who Say, "Quit Your Bitching," Bitterest Foe of Apolitical Hypocrisy, Champion of the People's Right to Complain, Defender of All That is Underhanded, and Upholder of Divine Justice- this is the community that is Die, Alright!

Moving away from the maintainer's love affair with hyperbole, this all came about due to a "Big Brother" mentality that seemed to be sweeping LJ and a class project for a required health course. This project (loving monster-child of the maintainer and classmate Amy) was on personality types- what makes people tick, and why they tick the way they do. According the the Myers-Briggs Personality people most people need a "safe" place to vent their troubles so they don't take it out during an inappropriate time (the site hosting it being a law firm, they said "during negotiations" as one such situation). Enter LJ. Also enter the Big Brothers and shitmongers (thank you, A.V. Phibes)of the world. They can't seem to leave well enough alone. Everyone does it, but for some it's a mania. The solution? Provide such a place, thus depriving the shitmongers of their drug of choice and preventing others from nurturing feelings of [fill in the blank] which might lead to unseemly displays of pent-up emotion such as stuffing that one annoying kid into a locker/in front of a bus/out of the car. Cheers!