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single-serving everything, thank you Tyler Durden

And now we bring you a brief break from total apathy for some mild irritation...

I am not a mercenary. For me to be dragged into some stupid ridiculous petty catfight, I demand pay. You want a hired soldier, hire them, dammit. And even then, I most likely won't take pay when you stop the human-shield act and it all goes back to normal, as predicted and as indicated by my reluctance to be sucked in. This is fucking ridiculous, that I'm expected to take crap that I didn't start and then recede back into the shadows when it's all over. I would never work as a bodyguard because I think people should just pay their own dues and quit being chickenshit about it. The next time you need someone to fight for you, consider me out. O-U-T. Let's keep it clear this time, since it wasn't quite so until I brought out a sledgehammer and pounded into a skull or two.

And presto! Apathy returns! And obliviousness too; give me some headphones and a shiny thing to stare at and I am dead to the world. Final point- any point on this is not intended for those who would seem the most frequent target. Hopefully this has been easy to follow; if not I shall take the shit as it cometh.
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