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rarr i got the art classes that i wanted

so i got photo which is my love its my 3rd oafishly year but i have taken it for 3 others ones as independent studies so basically i will be taking my 6 year of photo i love photo kate is not teaching it this time but its always good to get anther persons perceptive on it i have drawing and painting in the morning to and as always i am doing art at lunch 3 days a week i am going to be doing ceramics which should help my chances of getting this scholarship to kansas city art institute which is not really an art institute any more it just kept the name after it became a privet art school its the top school in the world for ceramics and one of the top ones in the country for photo and the scholarship is some my teacher kate got me seined up for and its for people that are sure that they will go there so since its the top school on my list i am good and you have to have a an average of 3.0 to get it i know i am good my average for high school is a 3.9 so she said that i have a really good chance of getting this because i have on my list of people that are recommending me for it is one of there former students oh graduated at the top of her class and a art teacher at ut university and two art therapist one of which got her masters in art there and its full ride all i have to pay for is food and anything i do out side of school i know that its one of the hardiest schools in the country to get in to but if they side i had a shot at this then maybe i have a shot to do it
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good luck with't talked to you in a long time...but yeah...good luck with getting in and hope you have fun with your art classes and