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sitting on the fence....

a) it does look cumulative, and it's one of those awkward things like when in kindergarten the teacher had to tell which kid threw mud first. except, y'know, not resolved by a box of tide and time-outs. also, it's hard not to take a small sadistic amount of gratification in this, if i'm going to get into the childish thing entirely. being landed in this up to my neck because of one class is just....arr.
b) nervous laugh, write about toasters, look askance and laugh nervously again, look like i care about cellular respiration, smile and nod. and that's more or less it. ever see those looney tunes where wile. e. coyote chases the roadrunner off a cliff and doesn't notice when the cliff ends? that's a fair illustration of this part.
c) mired yet again in politics. politics suck. that's more or less that, plus the apparent bonus of required adherence to something or another. bang head on
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